Tara - Owner + Stylist
Texture, pose and shade. Tara opened the Calico Beard & Mercantile because the world of styling is a world she enjoys. With a talent for bringing personality and image together, Tara can bridge creator and audience. (Not currently accepting new clientele.)



Debbie - Stylist
Her clients have described Debbie as a guru and it’s easy to see why. Her wide range of experience and flexibility gives her the perfect toolbox to pull from, no matter the vision. She enhances beauty from the inside out, making her client’s ideas work for their daily lives. (Not available for online booking - please call to book with Debbie.)



Madalyn - Stylist
A locally trained hairstylist who sees hair not only as a defining physical trait but as an opportunity for artistic expression. Madalyn enjoys keeping tabs on current and past trends in beauty and fashion, with a special appreciation for the unconventional.
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Jessica - Stylist
After receiving a world class education in Brooklyn, NY, Jessica found her way to Kansas City where she puts her 10+ years of professional experience to work sharing her knowledge with clients and bringing self expression to the salon.
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Tim - Stylist
Enthusiastically doing hair for over 15 years, Tim has expanded his training internationally with some of the top artists in the industry. He enjoys the irony of creating naturally unnatural looks along with interesting disconnections and bright colors.
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Sara - Stylist
A dedicated artist, immersed in live music, visual art, and hair design. Sara sees hair as a moving medium, like clay or paint or sound. Like many artists, Sara keeps a varied and colorful schedule. (Appointments are available exclusively on Saturdays.)
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Emily - Stylist
Seeking out new ways to approach her craft, Emily has traveled the globe evolving her skills and passion. This cultured study of hair and style impacts her view of personalized services. She looks forward to seeing you in the mirror.
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Shara - Stylist
To use her creative outlet as a means to amplify others, Shara extends confidence and comfort-ability to her clients through collaboration. She can help to obtain and maintain a look that suites both personal routine and intended style.
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Kelli - Stylist
Through her varied adventures Kelli has gained insight and inspiration. She is continually educating and pushing herself to discover even more techniques to better express hair’s natural beauty through her unique eye.
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Katie - Stylist
Staying ahead of the fads, Katie balances hair texture and face shape. Her results are not only flattering in the salon, but easily recreated at home. Skilled in all services, she’s most excited about custom colors and specialty styling.
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Jordan - Stylist
Since 2009 Jordan has been a KC stylist with a knack for achieving artistic, yet fuss free styles. With interest in exploring imaginative hues and shapes, she most enjoys hand painted dimensional color, razor cutting, editorial work and formal styling. (Not available for online booking - please call to book with Jordan.)

Ashlee - Stylist
Enhancing the beauty of hair with a soft and effortless style is Ashlee's forte.  From grey coverage to bold, she has the ability to find the right hair color to fit your personal style. (Appointments are available exclusively on Saturdays.)
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Malina - Wardrobe Stylist
With a visual education from old Hollywood films and a 3 year intensive at London college of Fashion, Malina is equipt with lots of tools in her many belts. Teaching is her primary strategy. Encouraging style awareness, compassion towards self and using historical design references to engage her clients.
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