$35/30 mins
-Preparation for the The Wardrobe Edit-

This conversation sets the tone and pace for the beginning of your style journey.  Let's work out the logistics for your personal in-home Wardrobe Edit.  Please download the questionnaire below, complete it in full and email it to 48 hours prior to your consultation appointment time. 
This information that you provide will help your stylist ensure a smooth and positive process.

Click here to download The Wardrobe Edit questionnaire. 
(Important! -- Please email this form 48 hours prior to your appointment time.)

Let’s meet at the salon:
Our objective is to help you evolve with a new sense of confidence in yourself. Let us get to know you and your wardrobe needs in our first session, as we begin to build a foundation. Together we will find a style direction that’s uniquely tailored to fit you and your lifestyle. We're eager to hear about your style icon, and the themes and moods that draw you in. This is an opportunity to talk about your current personal style goals, clothing woes, and your body image. Let’s determine what your current style conveys to those around you, and in contrast, how you would like to be understood. Our ambition is to encourage you to find your harmony through aligning inner esteem and outer mode.

At the close of your consultation, please confirm an appointment date for the The Wardrobe Edit with your stylist.  Since the world of style and our personal images change so quickly, each consultation expires in 30 days.  The Edit will need to occur within this time-frame.  If booked during consultation appointment, client will receive a bonus gift.

$185/ 4.5 hrs (includes 25 mile radius of travel from the salon to client's home, $3 per mile after)

What does your current vibe convey to those around you, and in contrast, how would you like to be understood?

Let’s meet at your home:
Our ambition is to assist you in creating balance within your current and ever changing wardrobe. Together, we will take a constructive look at your buying patterns, color choices, silhouette and style. With that in mind, as you try on your clothing, let’s determine what fits, what flatters and what needs to go in the donation bag. Establishing clear direction for your style path is our goal, as we compile a list of your clothing needs to fill in the gaps. During this process we will incorporate educational moments that you can apply to your everyday style. You will gain valuable insight about the clothing that flatters your body type for a desired silhouette. The end result is a fresh perspective on your existing wardrobe, with a new found lens through which to view your body.

Leave time on your schedule after your edit.  Keep going on your own to keep the excitement and momentum.  Feel empowered to shop and procure.  Continue to edit your own closet and style.

Contact us to schedule your 30 minute initial consultation.